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Huawei offers ten million good reasons to develop with them

febrero 2, 2020

The first "developer day" is taking place in Milan, with a $ 10 million check. In Italy in three years the volume of smartphones sold has tripled

Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager Huawei CBG ItalyPier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager Huawei CBG Italy

Ten million dollars of investment and a program intended only for Italian developers. Arrives in Milan the first day dedicated to the programmers of the Chinese company Huawei, which has decided to present an incentive plan to start its program in Italy also to support and facilitate the development of software solutions on its Huawei Mobile Service service platform.

Huawei is also focusing heavily on Italy because the Italian market (and institutions) are very receptive. In fact, in the presence of the councilor for innovation of the municipality of Milan Cocco and the vice president of the Lombardy Region, Huawei managers explained the numbers by which the developers they should trust and invest in the Chinese company by developing apps integrated with the Huawei Mobile Service platform: Huawei a giant said Pier Giorgio Furcas, deputy general manager for Italy who wants to become the third largest ecosystem alternative to the big tech Americans. There are 200 smart cities in 40 countries around the world with 500 million people in which Huawei technology is used. the second largest manufacturer in the world with 250 million mobile phones produced, equal to 18.4% of the market with a 42.4% share in China. In Italy in just three years the mobile market reached 24% tripling the quantity and quadrupling the value, with an excellent job on flagships above 600 euros. A unique result in the world, in Italy there are 13 million smartphones installed in October. And according to the findings we are the number 25 brand in the country, the 19th for millennials, while in 2017 we were only the number 80 out of 100.

The $ 10 million check it is used to start the developer market, which completes an ecosystem of allied partners and companies and spreads over a set of products ranging from televisions to telephones, from smart earphones to watches and PCs. Today there are 6 smart appliances per person, but in 2023 there will be 16, according to Huawei. So the network must be built both on the product and services side: store for apps via Huawei, browser, video platform, but also music, health, wallet payments, cloud, themes for personalization, smart assistant.

Neo Miao, head of HMS EuropeNeo Miao, head of HMS Europe

Neo Miao, head of WMS for Europe: We have 570 million monthly users worldwide, 100 million outside China, we are present in 170 countries, with 1.8 billion downloads per year. At the end of the year and the beginning of 2020 we will start various services, but we also have a whole series of tools for developers and an automatic promotion system based on an editorial team to enhance third-party apps. Not to mention that, since 4 years ago HMS Europe started, the Gdpr was not yet there but we were already in order, as well as with the other ISO 27001 to CSA-Star and bBSIMM and PCI Dss certifications.

For the first year, the apps on the Huawei store they take 85% of the price they charge (and the Huawei platform 15%) while then we return to the universal model for the entire 70-30 market. Huawei's ten million dollar investment, which will be disbursed through financing, monetary incentives and through marketing and communication activities, is part of the broader plan announced by Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu in Munich last September: a billion dollars on the plate.

From a practical point of view, the HDP plan designed by the Italian branch of Huawei provides the three levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum. Among the technological announcements during the Milanese day, there are Ability Gallery, platform for the automatic and intelligent distribution of content on different devices, and a new privacy solution based on Open Advertising ID which allows customized ads protecting for user privacy. In addition, the partnership with AppsFlyer, mobile marketing analytics company.

vice rector of the Polytechnic of Milan Giuliano NociThe vice rector of the Polytechnic of Milan Giuliano Noci

An interesting space was what one of the guests, the vice rector of the Polytechnic of Milan Giuliano Noci, he cut out: used to studying and advising young engineers, as well as working with a federated center also with Huawei's laboratories in China and Germany, Noci underlined some key passages: Mobile is the mouse of our life, essential for today's individuals. It is worth 1.5 billion in advertising transit and 9 billion in e-commerce transit for Italy.

According to Noci, development does not have to fall into an all too common trap: Boys and girls who want to develop code do not make the mistake that many people make of considering it an isolated point. Instead the mobile integrates with the other touchpoints and its usefulness lies in the ability to integrate with the life contexts of individuals. Finally, a nod to the strategies: Today the home is a fundamental space because it allows you to do many operations, from the phone, from the TV, from the smart speaker. at home that multiple needs are formed, for this it is decided less and less in the shop and more and more within the four domestic walls. For this reason, I recommend that you develop intelligent and calibrated solutions for integration.


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