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How to transfer and read PDF in iBooks

febrero 2, 2020


How to transfer and read PDF in iBooks

iBooks the program that Apple installs on iPhone, iPod and iPad to read ebooks, i.e. books in digital format.

The program is completely free and very accurate both in graphics and functions.

It is an excellent program for read digital books in ePub format, but also manages to easily manage PDF files.

Today, therefore, we see how to transfer and read PDF in iBooks easily and quickly.

It is indeed possible transfer PDF to iBooks easily, directly with iTunes or with Safari Mobile.

For example, if you want transfer a PDF from Safari to iBooks, you have to:

– open the PDF with Safari

– click on the menu at the top right with the writing "Open in .."

– select iBooks.

Open in

If instead you receive an email with a PDF attached and you want to open it with iBooks, you have to:

– press and hold on the PDF attachment to the email

– select "Open in iBooks" from the context menu that will open.

PDF in email

Once the files are transferred to iBooks, you can open and view them whenever you want, directly from the program.

To view PDFs instead of books in iBooks, you have to click on the top left (as in the image) and then select the PDFs item instead of Books.

This way you can open any PDF file in iBooks directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

If you want, you can always transfer PDFs from PC / Mac to your iPhone, iPad and iPod via iTunes.

In this case all you have to do is connect your device to the PC / Mac, open iTunes, go to the "App" section of your device, select iBooks and drag the PDF files you want to copy into your program into the program device. Then start the synchronization and you will see that all the selected PDF documents have been transferred to iBooks.

Quick and easy.

So we saw how to transfer and read PDF in iBooks.

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