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How the new RaiPlay app works

febrero 2, 2020

For Fiorello adepts (and not only): the Rai streaming platform has a new app similar to that of the big TV players


You write it RaiPlay, reads "Raiflix". Oh yes, because the similarity of the interface between the new Rai streaming app with Netflix truly remarkable. The old RaiPlay has made room for a neater app, designed with the collaboration of Politecnico di Milano, where content on demand is easily accessible. Just like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. But, jokes (and similarities) aside, what are the news of Mamma Rai's on demand platform and what are the limits?

A little order. Compared to the old app significantly improved lusability. Searching for content, be it a movie or a newscast, is now easier. The home screen appears smartly divided. A full screen image highlights the content of the day, below, other categories appear among which to move: Chosen for you, Topical Rai (at the time of this article, for example, one was occupied by the tribute to the director Antonello Falqui) Keep watching, Favorites, Fiction, Movies, TV series, Children, Rai showcases, Programs, Documentaries, Music and Theater. Two arrows help us to scroll the list of contents for each category horizontally. For now you can navigate between 2200 titlesothers will come over time.

The menu. Access to the recent programming takes place from the side menu which appears by clicking on the icon next to the Rai logo, at the top left. The options are 5: Homepage, On demand (the above categories, editor's note), TV channels, My list and Support. Compared to the past, the TV channels section well organized with the list of networks at the top, that of the days immediately below and the videos of the various programs in chronological order. Result: navigating the contents of the last easy week, even if – for example – we use the Amazon Fire Tv remote control, where the new RaiPlay app is already available. To the right of the head there is a second menu which allows quick access to news, sport, tv, radio, corporate.

Research. To function search for always accessed from the right side of the header, next to our profile picture. The search is carried out by keyword among the titles and descriptions of the programs, even if the impression that, to date, only part of the huge archive of Mamma Rai has been indexed. If you want you can also try with some categories, for example French films, but the result is quite limited. And this is perhaps the big difference with the Netflix app, where all but all the contents appear indexed by categories, even the most imaginative as campy horror comedies or romantic Korean TV shows. But in this, honor, the Netflix app can't be beat.

The news of the videos. Once we have chosen a content, we just have to look at it. With a difference compared to the past: now RaiPlay allows us to go back to the beginning of the program with restart and in the case of fiction and TV series, at the end of the Lapp episode, it starts the next one directly.

A defect. Abroad, for reasons of rights, the contents of RaiPlay are inaccessible. Those who just can't help but see something will have to equip themselves in another way. For example using a VPN (but we haven't told you anything, ed). Another limit, the section Chosen for you presents a selection of the latest Rai hits without really taking into account, at least in this phase, our real tastes.

An advantage. The great value of Rai is its history, which is also a bit ours. The section Teche Rai a mine of TV programs that tell 70 years of Italian life (and not only) through documentaries and investigations, but also entertainment, of the highest quality. From Travel to the south of Virgil Sabel, shot in 58, up to the Italian mysteries rendered with historiographic punctuality and great storytelling capacity Night blue of Carlo Lucarelli, up to the suggestions of Odeon. Without forgetting Fiorello, protagonist of the strip Long live RaiPlay! to whom of course given ample space on the homepage. But the really vast catalog.

How to have RaiPlay. Lapp is free and already available for iOS, Android, Smart TV, Amazon Fire and web browser. To use it you have to register and join the over 12 million Italians who have already done so.


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