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Google presents Android, the platform for the future of telephony

Not a real mobile phone, but a platform resulting from a sort of "holy alliance" called where the alliance, called Open Handset Alliance (OHA), which includes 34 different companies among the largest in the field of mobile devices, each of which will bring a contribution to the innovation project and a reduction in the field of cellular telephony. Here is the strategy for the mobile world of Google, presented today, as expected, during a crowded press conference that was held in the early hours of the day in California, at the Google headquarters.


The project, with the suggestive name of Android, includes partners such as Motorola, Htc, T-Mobile, Intel, NttDoCoMo, Telefonica in addition to the very Italian Telecom Italia, and has the practical objective of creating a complete set of hardware tools, operating system ( Linux-based) and software, all licensed under open source. This in the intentions of Google and its allies should lead to the creation of a family of different mobile phones, different from each other, but based on common components with decidedly reduced costs as regards development and royalties. Users will benefit not only in terms of costs but also in terms of product quality, flexibility and services.

The fact that it is not a Google phone, as previously thought, is presented as an advantage by Eric Schmidt. This is a far more ambitious initiative – said the CEO of Google – than a simple mobile phone. Here we talk about thousands of different models that will enhance mobile networks and mobile Internet and help change the way you live while away from home or office

An interesting aspect that Apple is not part of the alliance and its strategies do not even seem compatible with the final purposes of the pact. This occurs while the alliance's chief promoter, Google, serves on Apple's board of directors.

The first phones resulting from the Android project will appear in the second half of 2008.