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Amazon introduces payment in installments in Italy without …

Blogo Thursday 23 January 2020

Many were waiting for it and it was quietly introduced, even if at the moment it would be a gradual rollout. We are talking about the possibility of make installment payments on Amazon, without any extra expense.

The news was noticed today with the smartphone Realme X2, which can be purchased in a single solution for ? 329.90 or, as you can see in the screenshot below, in 5 monthly installments of ? 65.98 for a total of ? 329.90.

The Amazon FAQ specifies that the installment option will charge any shipping costs and the gift options with the first installment, but in the case of a purchase with free shipping, as in the case of RealMe X2, the payment will be divided into installments with the same amount.

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iPhone 11 Pro on offer on Amazon: up to 67 euros discount

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The residual amount will be automatically charged on the payment method chosen in equal monthly installments, every 30 days from the date of shipment. The number of applicable monthly installments indicated when you select the monthly installments payment option. By selecting this option, you authorize us to charge the monthly payment for the purchase of the item on the payment method registered in your Amazon Account.

The smartphone Realme X2 Pro, like its younger brother, it can be purchased in 5 monthly installments of 99.80 euros, for a total of 499.00, the same price as the person making the purchase in a single solution.

The payment method in installments will be slowly extended to all the main categories of Amazon, so if you still don't find the option on the product you want to buy, all you have to do is cross your fingers and wait.

Among the products that you can already buy in installments on Amazon there are the smart TVs from Philips, on offer for a few days: the 55-inch one available in 5 installments of 109.80 euros per month, while the 43 "version can be purchased in 5 installments of 73.80 euros per month.

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