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3 help apps for women who experience violence

febrero 2, 2020

Here are three solutions to contact trusted contacts and emergency numbers in dangerous situations and with respect for privacy

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From words to deeds. Pu technology helping women victims of violence? Yes, there are app that have been designed with this specific purpose in mind. Needless to say, in times of particular danger there is not always time to take the cell phone and ask for help by going unnoticed. But having an extra tool can be useful. Here are three free apps you can count on in case of need. They connect with trained personnel or with trusted contacts, using geolocation.


It comes from France but has been available in Italy for years, guaranteeing the privacy who uses it. Violent victims have a wealth of information at their disposal local structures to call or where to go in case of need.

But above all by logging into the app they manage to contact three trusted numbers previously set and the 112. The user manages to send the danger signal to the three contacts thanks to the telephone microphone that is activated immediately and thanks to the sending of the geographic coordinates.

The help message is also logged it is possible to listen to it again for the next 14 days, before it is automatically canceled. It can thus constitute one direct evidence in the event of complaints or investigations to ascertain what has happened.

App-Elles also useful in case of Domestic violence. The app has a function that allows it to come disguised, impossible to intercept and recognize in the eyes of a stranger. Useful option in the case of women who are subjected to the control of their smartphones.


the official app of the European emergency number 112. It works by exploiting the geolocation. In the event of danger, pressing a key automatically forwards the call to a 112 operator, which provides to warn those responsible. Public security forces, firefighters or medical aid.

I'm three options you can choose from when using it. Clicking a button starts the traditional voice call. In case you cannot speak, there is a button for silent call, or for the call with chat, depending on the type of situation you are in.

also can insert one list of five trusted contacts visible to the operator who can warn them to let them know what is going on. To date, this app is active in Lombardy, Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Sicily, province of Rome, province of Trento and Bolzano


The special feature of this app is that available in 12 languages, from Italian to English, from German to Romanian, to mandarin. In this way it allows women of different nationalities to access its functions. Which are on the one hand informative, with the detail of centers to contact in case of need and an overview of how Italian law protects victims. On the other hand, with the button for call 112 and 1522 directly, or the operational hub of the activities to combat gender-based violence and stalking.


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