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In the UK cheaper iPhone rates

In the UK cheaper rates for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

O2 improves the offer for iPhone customers who from February 1st will have more minutes, more SMS and, if placed in the higher ranges of the fee, also a discount.

The initiative, which basically translates into greater flexibility of use of the mobile phone, brings customers on the £ 35 plan to 600 minutes and 500 messages (previously there were 200 minutes and 300 messages) unifies the £ 55 rate and the one from 45; now those who had the 45 one will have the same advantages as those who had the 55 one (for 1200 minutes and 500 messages); those who had the £ 55 one may be entitled to go to £ 75 (and have 3000 minutes and 500 messages); those who had the 45 can simply get a discount of 10 pounds or switch to the 75, which remains unchanged (3000 minutes and 500 sms)

The renewal of the offer is enriched by the possibility of having iPhones in the business offer that O2, like other operators, supports differently from the consumer offer.

Recall that in recent days some sources had speculated that the launch of the iPhone in the United Kingdom had not had the success desired by the mobile operator. In turn, O2 had replied pointing out that iPhone had tripled the traffic in its stores, without mentioning any figures. The Financial Times had estimated 190,000 iPhones sold in two months, about 10,000 below what would have been the unofficial estimates of O2.

Some sites take advantage of the tariff restructuring to speculate that they are the result of an attempt to reinvigorate Cupertino's interest in mobile phones at a time when demand could be on the downside.

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