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Apple, new developer manager

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Apple throws the ace on the carpet and assumes for the fundamental role of manager of relations with developers Ron Okamoto.Okamoto a prestigious name, of absolute importance in the world of information technology. For years he has in fact held the head of marketing for Macromedia products, then moved to Adobe where he held the same position. As head of world marketing, recalls Apple's press release, Okamoto oversaw the promotion of packages such as PhotoShop, Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, which is the leading software in the graphics sector, because of his experience and, presumably, good relations with Macromedia and Adobe appear as a strategic factor in choosing Okamoto as developer relations manager. For Cupertino, in the midst of a very delicate transition towards MacOs X, being able to have a key character able to have a conversation with the main third parties is a priority.We remember that the position of responsible for relations with the developers had been left vacant only a few weeks ago by Clent Richardson who had decided to move to an English company operating in the cell phone sector.

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