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All the news of the latest Snapchat update

enero 29, 2020

Finally improve the Android version, listening to the requests of users who required more stability, speed and an improved camera

Android Snapchat update(photo: Snapchat)

After the announcement at the beginning of the month of April, the long-awaited big one Snapchat update official and available for download on Google Play for smartphones and tablets with operating system Android from version 4.4 onwards. The software has been literally redesigned from the ground up and improved in several of its basic functions.

The promises have been kept: stability and speed have improved system as well as the camera quality. In short, finally the app for Android is leveled with that for iPhone, which offered a completely different general experience.

At the software level, as promised by the parent company Snap, the package (56 mb, version of April 23) has become 25% smaller in size, but 20% faster to open and make itself available alluded. They met the requests of users who complained frequent crashes and a general slowness often unsustainable, especially on cheap smartphones. The developers have indeed worked hard developing one modular structure, so as to make any future updates easier to implement.

The other area improved that of internal camera that, always on Android, clearly compares with the comparison for the iPhone; now it goes up a level ensuring better definition and detail. The graphics and interface of the internal menus and especially the ones change lenses for the original selfies with augmented reality effects, among the most appreciated functions of the app.

One of the most interesting news is revealed by tapping the button Discover in the lower right area to open not only the stories of friends, but also videos from celebrities verified by the app and inevitable promotional content. this is the segment where there has been more movement in recent months, with more and more media partners who have invested in the creation of content for Snapchat.

Other minor changes include the support of eight new languages ​​such as Filipino, Gujarati, Hindi, Malay, Marathi, Punjabi, Vietnamese and Urdu and the possibility of adding photos and videos from the Camera Roll to Just for me, the space encrypted and protected by a password where you can keep your Snap safe.

Recently, Snapchat has also introduced some fun mini-games. To best squeeze the app's potential, here are 20 practical tricks.


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