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Turn iPhone keyboard into trackpad with 3D Touch

enero 28, 2020

By taking advantage of the potential of 3D Touch, which we have already talked about in this article, you have the possibility to transform the virtual keyboard of your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in a trackpad, similar to what you can find on all laptops. This feature is particularly useful in all those situations where you need to select part of the text you have written on your iPhone, which on iPhones prior to the 6S can only be held down on the word to be selected and then move the indicators that appear following the action performed.

Using the 3D Touch you can now move freely in the text you have written, decide where to place the pointer and, with a finger pressure, start selecting text, thus avoiding inaccuracies and greater control of the text you are writing.

If you want to know how to transform the iPhone keyboard into a trackpad using 3D Touch, I'll explain how to do it below.

How to turn the iPhone keyboard into a trackpad with 3D Touch

iPhone keyboard in trackpad

  • The first thing to do is to start an application in which you can write text, such as the Messages, Notes app or the one you prefer.
  • After writing some text, press your finger on the keyboard to activate 3D Touch. By doing so you can start moving the cursor freely in the text you have written.
  • By pressing deeper you can start selecting the text. Move left and right with your finger to highlight the word or phrase you want to select.
  • When you are done release your finger.

Turning the iPhone keyboard into a trackpad on the 6S and iPhone 6S Plus versions is very simple thanks to the use of 3D Touch, which will save you a lot of time as it simplifies an operation that is used constantly when we write text on the iPhone.

If you have encountered problems transforming the iPhone keyboard into a trackpad or have any suggestions you want to recommend, you can write to us via the comments box at the bottom of the article.