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How to use Live Photos on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

enero 28, 2020

With the launch of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, Apple has announced a new camera feature called Live Photos. But what exactly are they like and how to use Live Photos and what do you need to do to create one? In this article we will take a detailed look at this innovative technology that allows you to revive the moments before and after taking a photo.

What is a Live Photos?

How to use Live Photos 1By default, the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have the new feature Live Photos activated by default (this function is compatible only with the latest iPhone models). In any case, if you don't use it, you can easily disable it by clicking on the new icon located at the top of the screen, made up of three concentric circles (if the circles are yellow the function activates, if they are white the function deactivates).

With the function of Live Photos active, every time you take a photo with your iPhone, it will not scatter a simple photograph, but will record 1.5 seconds of video that precede and follow the moment of shooting. This entails the creation of 3 seconds of video which are placed side by side with the shot just taken.

When you review the image in the camera roll, a press of the 3D Touch on the photo (which we talked about in this article) will start the 3-second video, which will also include the audio recorded at the time of shooting. Live Photos preferred as wallpaper for both iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as being able to review them on other Apple devices.

How to use Live Photos?

How to use Live Photos 2The first question I asked myself when I heard the announcement of the Live Photos status: How does the iPhone record 1.5 seconds of video before the photo if I haven't pressed the shutter button yet ?.

The answer is very simple. Whenever the function Live Photos active, the Camera will start shooting the video as soon as the app opens. In this way, when you take a photo, the iPhone has already captured the 1.5 seconds of video that precede it, and will automatically take care of eliminating the unused portions of video.

To better clarify how it works and how to use Live Photos, I recommend you take a look at this video.

Why not simply record a video?

You may be wondering how to use Live Photos and if perhaps better to record a simple video. Nothing is more wrong, because using the function Live Photosyou will have a new experience. You will be able to capture moments of everyday life in a different way than you could by taking a simple photo and in a different way from recording a video. a completely new concept that could become very popular if Social Networks also use this technology (Facebook has already declared that it is working on official support for Live Photos).

Memory considerations

If you don't know how to use Live Photos, one thing to pay attention to is that if you decide to leave them enabled Live Photos, each photo will occupy about twice the space required to store a simple photo. This may not be a problem for many, but if you take a lot of photos, you may quickly find yourself running out of free space.


There are some limitations with the Live Photos that just report.

  • By taking a Live Photos you must be careful not to move the iPhone quickly before and immediately after taking the photo, otherwise the movement will still be captured, consequently ruining the Live Photos.
  • All Live Photos record audio along with video. This makes sense, but you may prefer to capture only the video and get one Live Photos silenced. At the moment this is not possible.
  • There is currently no way to edit oneLive Photos. You have full control over the editing of a photo, but you cannot control brightness, contrast and more on a Live Photos.

I'm not sure that in the future Live Photos can become a standard, even with the possibility of being able to be implemented on competing smartphones. Certainly not a useful function for those who want to take professional shots with their smartphone, but mainly aimed at those looking for that little something extra in a daily shot.

What do you think about it? Do you already know how to use Live Photosor a feature that you wouldn't miss? Let us know via the comments at the end of this article.