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Google Collections remembers and groups searches for you with Artificial Intelligence

enero 28, 2020

Who knows how many times you have happened to find something you were looking for on Google without then saving it as a favorite. Frustrating, isn't it? Know that Google can now recognize it and will help you with a new feature called Google Collections.

This new technology can basically group similar pages searched on Google and save them in collections, so that you can then revisit them more easily in the future.

The system can recommend them based on activities such as cooking, shopping, hobbies and so on, thus facilitating the tracing of a recipe searched the previous week or of a purchase included in the wish list without having to sift through all the history .

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After saving a collection, Google will use its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to recommend sites, images, searches for related products: to do so, just click on the button Find more visible inside the collection. The collections can also be shared with other users, for whom collaborative access may be allowed.

This new feature is based on the activity sheets introduced by Google in 2018 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary. Allepoca Google already anticipated what is being done today, namely that the advice provided by the system is based on artificial intelligence, predicting that it would change the way we will use the Internet in the decades to come.

Google searches are now saved and organized by artificial intelligence

The Google Collections are already available for US users within the Google app with the dedicated card of the same name. They should be released in other countries soon, including ours.

In the meantime, if you are afraid of us or are concerned about your privacy, you can cancel your online activities stored by Google by following our guide.

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