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Blu-ray with downloadable movies on Psp, iPod and Zune

enero 28, 2020

Today was the turn of David Bishop, president of Sony's Pictures Home Entertainment sector, on the stage of the Venetian Hotel & Casin, where the largest consumer electronics fair, Ces in Las Vegas, is taking place. The news that Bishop presented, among many others at a fair with 2,700 stands and 160 thousand visitors expected from here to Thursday evening (Friday morning, Italian time), destined to represent a significant change in the home entertainment market.

Bishop has in fact presented a disc in Blu-ray format (of which Sony itself) which, through a Playstation 3, downloads a film on the memory stick of a Playstation Portable, Psp. The idea, explained the manager, that in this way it is possible to download original and "certified" copies of the films that the user legally owns also for use on devices other than the Blu-ray player connected to the TV. The copy of the film contained in the Blu-ray disc is downloaded on Psp obviously at a lower resolution than the original one of the disc, and comparable to that downloadable from the iTunes Store in the USA for iPod and iPhone.

The idea, explain those of Sony, that the solution will be launched later this year and that in this way it will be possible to give flexibility to the market with all digital versions of the contents, even without "breaking" the nascent business even if a little fatigue of Blu-ray players. To such an extent that the "passage" of content would, in Sony's current intentions, also be open to Zune and iPod.

The only perplexity, brought forward by sector analysts, if in this way Sony does not definitively put the word "end" to the very idea of ​​the films on Umd, the Psp version of the DVD, containing low-quality films. Probably yes, sacrificing a technology that has never really conquered the market, both for the proprietary format, both for the high price, and for the low quality (and the absence of special contents) in comparison with normal DVDs. Not to mention that, until the "Slim & Lite" PSP was released, it was not possible to view the films on the TV screen connected to the PSP but only on the 4 inches of the included display.

Currently both Target and Wal-Mart and Best Buy, the three largest US retail chains, have stopped selling Umd-format films in their stores, also because the major film companies (including Sony Pictures) have not been able to go beyond 50 thousand copies sold by published title.