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Apple sympathetic to coronavirus victims

enero 28, 2020

Apple sympathetic to coronavirus victims – Macitynet.itApple will donate funds to help people affected by the new coronavirus

Apple sympathetic to coronavirus victims. Words that show closeness and participation with those who have been directly or indirectly affected by the infectious disease come from Tim Cook, Apple CEO on Twitter on the occasion of the Chinese New Year.

Cook explains that the company he likes to make donations to "groups that operate in the area to help support all people affected by the coronavirus.

The latest news at the time of writing report that the deaths have reached 41, the confirmed cases of contagion are about 1350. There are three deaths in China but cases have been confirmed in France, the United States and Australia.

Health emergencies have been proclaimed in Hong Kong, and travel restrictions have been imposed in China. The U.S. Department of State has asked all employees of the US consulate in Wuhan to leave the city.

The Chinese authorities have implemented control measures that should stem the spread of the virus but the situation complicated by avri factors, including the problem of millions of people traveling on the days of the Chinese New Year celebrations: the virus has now reached several provinces of the country and three deaths occurred in areas that have nothing to do with the city of Wuhan, the one from which the infections would have started.

Apple's attention to this problematic and worrying not surprising or unexpected case. As mentioned, China is the country most affected as well as the outbreak where the infection has taken off and China is also one of the countries in the world where Apple has more users than most of the suppliers.

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