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Apple no more CRT monitors?

enero 28, 2020

Apple no more CRT monitors? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

No more cathode ray tube monitors from Apple. Cupertino would have decided to use all its research and development resources for the production of LCD displays abandoning the more traditional CRTs. The revelation comes from MacUser UK according to which the decision was already made and the current 17 'display would also be MacUser UK says, the latest traditional monitor to come off the apple company's assembly lines. The next monitor with the Apple brand will be a new 17-inch LCD that will be presented in July and will take the place of the Studio Display. The 17 ”CRT warehouse residues should satisfy all requests until the presentation of the new LCD models. The items seem to be in accordance with the typical philosophy of the Cupertino house, which has often become the protagonist of innovative choices, often accused of being risky, but which they have often proved successful, and which have inspired manufacturers from all over the world. LCD technology of the future in the eyes of Apple, and this perspective confirmed by research by Stanford Resources, specialized in market analysis, which has identified well 12.2 million LCD monitors sold this year, and data is continually growing. A massive LCD production and the choice of this technology by Apple and possibly other manufacturers could drastically decrease the price. Stanford Resources predicts that in a few quarters it could reach a gap of $ 200 at most with classic CRT CRT monitors. Beyond the brightest forecasts, a fact that in recent months the prices of flat-panel displays LCDs have had a price drop, clear confirmation of the price of the 15 "Apple LCD which has dropped by as much as $ 400 in recent months. Cupertino's decision would also make economic sense. Despite the aforementioned price drops, profit margins on LCD monitors remain higher and demand is expected to grow. This could also mean an increase in earnings for the benefit of the speakers. (By Rudy Belcastro)

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