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Tokyo's MacWorld takes shape

Tokyo MacWorld takes shape logomacitynet1200wide 1

As soon as the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco has finished, the spotlight is on that of Tokyo, which kicks off in less than a month. The Mac review of the Asian country will in fact open next February 22 at the Makuari Messe in Chiba, a city not far from the capital of Japan. MacWorld, which uses the slogan "Update to the 21st century", will have several hundred exhibitors as well as Apple's official participation. It is in fact one of the two international fairs adopted by Cupertino (the second one in Paris) which will almost certainly use it to present new products. Last year, the PowerBook 2000 and a revision of the iBooks were presented in Tokyo. For 2001, many sites believe that the iMac will be the protagonist of the stage. Recall that Japan is one of the main markets for Apple and that iMac has long had market shares close to 20%. The most interesting moment will be Jobs's keynote which will take place at 9.30 on 22 February, local time. In Italy, due to the time zone, it will be the night between 21 and 22. At the moment Apple has not made known if Jobs's speech will be broadcast via QT Streaming or via Satellite so our staff is unable to provide indications on how the event will be followed. In any case, Macity expects to post news and in-depth information since the morning. Further details will be announced later. Tokyo's MacWorld will close on February 24. Meanwhile, anyone wishing to get acquainted with the Expo program can have a look at IDG Japan's web page.

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