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That Titanium is a bomb

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An entire terminal closed for six hours, thirty delayed flights, hundreds of angry people. These are the consequences of a false reading of an "sniffer" of explosives at the Los Angeles international airport to which a sample from a Titanium had been subjected. The story, which turned out to be between the grotesque and the disturbing, which began around 4.30, local time, at the big stopover in Los Angeles. A passenger who brought with him a new PowerBook with Titanium case, in fact, was blocked by X-ray workers. According to the airport managers, the security staff had failed to obtain an acceptable resolution image of the interior of the laptop, perhaps because of the metal case. Hence a first questioning for the passenger who tried to reassure the car attendants. But these, not satisfied, decided to subject the PowerBook to a more sophisticated inspection by means of a "sniffer" of explosives which gave a doubtful response. For chemical analysis it could not be excluded that the laptop did not contain a device or that those who had handled it had not had contact with explosive substances. Hence the decision to close the SoutWest and America West terminal and to confine passengers to a luggage room while a restaurant was closed and a fire door lowered. The inconveniences continued throughout the afternoon and evening. While the security staff completed all the operations necessary to establish the exact identity of the passenger with the PowerBook and the harmlessness of the laptop, dozens of flights were blocked with the understandable wrath of the hundreds of passengers abandoned to themselves, closed in a small club and without any information on what exactly was happening. Finally at 11 pm the go-ahead. The security staff, after six hours, were convinced that Titanium was not a dangerous object but a normal laptop and that the passenger in his possession was the victim of a colossal misunderstanding.

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