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On Instagram you can simultaneously publish the same photo on multiple accounts

enero 27, 2020

The new functionality of the app will initially be available only on iOS devices and facilitates the work of those who manage multiple profiles

image: pixabay

There are not a few on Instagram to have more than one account: one dedicated to one's personal profile and one for the promotion of one's artistic or commercial activities. Already today this category of users can quickly switch from managing one profile to another in just a few taps, thanks to the fact that the app keeps the credentials of both in memory. From today to manage two related accounts simultaneously it will become even easier. Instagram is releasing the possibility of share simultaneously the same photo on all stored profiles on the same device, a kind of auto regram which will certainly come in handy for many.

Instagram auto regram

Simple operation. When publishing a new image, users with multiple accounts stored within the app will have the option of activate a switch for each alias whose credentials they have. The post is published identical on all the chosen pages, giving way to creatives and social media managers to share the fruit of their work faster wherever they see fit.

Unfortunately the functionality of regram has two limits. The first one that it cannot be used outside of your accounts. Republishing other people's posts directly remains off limits and requires, as always, the use of external apps that download the desired image and republish it, giving credit to the author. The second that has so far confirmed an Instagram spokesperson to TechCrunch the news available only on iOS and the group has not yet provided answers on a possible arrival on Android.


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