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Norway applauds Emi and Apple

Norway applauds Emi and Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

Norway applauds and supports Emi and Apple's move which today announced the distribution of DRM-free music. The opinion of the Nordic country ombudsman, the most heated opponent of the "closed system" policy adopted to date by Apple, is reported by some American sites, including Macnn, who have had the opportunity to exchange some opinions with Torgeir Waterhouse , one of the main managers of the office that takes care of consumers' interests in Norway.

?Today's * says Waterhouse * is an important date, the day on which two protagonists of this market took on the responsibility that belongs to their role to present an interoperability solution that favors customers. I personally applaud Apple and EMI and encourage all other competitors in the world of digital music to follow this path. " The other three major record companies to which Waterhouse makes an appeal are called to ?demonstrate that they know how to seize the opportunity and also take responsibility for some of the most important distributors of culture and offer music without DRM or DRM which give consumers 100% interoperability. The protagonists of this area have the opportunity to demonstrate that a new era begins, an era in which there is a common job with customers and not against customers "

The Ombudsman also points out that the move does not cancel some of the requests forwarded to Apple that by the end of September will have to change part of the contractual terms deemed not in line with Norwegian laws and "give customers the opportunity to have an agreement that is honest in the against those who buy music legally. However, what happened brings to light the fact that it is possible to get to grips with those problems that the industry has chosen to introduce with the DRM "

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