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NAVV Globetrotter: a satellite navigator with voice guides completely free, or almost free.


NAVV Globetrotter, a good free navigator for 30 days.

NAVV Globetrotter a new satellite navigation application recently released on the App Store. With this new application we will be able to navigate without any restrictions, taking advantage of all the navigation functions, for the first ones 30 days. After that, if we want to keep the function of the driving directions, we will have to buy this functionality throughin-app purchase.

Once the program is installed we will have to choose the map you want to use (there are both those of the individual countries and continents), to start the download. Once the download is complete, we will be able to use all the functions of the application and we will always have the selected map and the relevant points of interest locally. Thanks to NAVV Gloetrotter we can carry out satellite navigation with voice guidance turn-by-turn, exceed ai THEN to find certain places, to plan a route and to visualize its simulation, to integrate the localization functions also on Facebook isFoursquare and to have all the information streaming weather on the desired places.

During the first 30 days the voice guide available for the first map to be downloaded. After 30 days, the maps and the functionality of the app will remain unchanged, except of course for voice guidance. The latter available in 40 different languages, including Italian, while thetext-to-speech with which voice commands can be given to the device available only in English, German and French.

In conclusion NAVV Globetrotter turns out to be an excellent satellite navigator and above all it can be tried completely free for the first 30 days. If you wish to have all the functionalities beyond this time, you have to pay 10,49 for individual countries or 29.99 for entire continents.

NAVV Globetrotter available for free on the App Store.

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