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Melissa now loves the Mac

Melissa now loves the Mac logomacitynet1200wide 1

Remember Melissa? The virus for World97 that using a macro read OutLook addresses and multiplied by "auto-sending" a file to thousands of users? Well, Melissa seems to have returned and is now undermining the Mac.In recent hours, in fact, several sites including that of McAfee and Symantec have issued a warning to pay attention to a file received via e-mail that contains a variant of Melissa. The virus, called MelissaW, would do exactly what the "original" version did but with the difference, in fact, to spread in the form of a Mac document. The weak point, from what we learned now, Office 2001. The infection spreads using a macro included in a file called Anniv.doc or Anniv1.doc that arrives in attach with an email titled: Important Message From (name of the user who sends it). In the body of the document it is written: Here is that document you asked for … don't show anyone else 😉 Opening the file sets Word to the lowest level the protection from "malicious" Macros and sends, using OutLook, the same file to all addresses in the address book. It is good to specify that at the moment it does not seem that the new Melissa is able to use Macs to spread. It seems, in fact, according to some information, that the essential feature to implement its "self-reproduction" mechanism is the presence of OutLook (not OutLook Express) for Windows. On the contrary, the file capable of infecting all the Word files also present on a Mac disk, which the original version did not do.The original virus contained a list of porn sites and, apart from stressing the mail servers and sending unsolicited mail requests did little else. Subsequently, however, some variants of Melissa using this system began to send even dangerous files capable of damaging the HD and permanently delete the data stored in it. According to some information MelissaW was born in England. In fact, most of the infected files come from British users Symantec has promised a patch as soon as possible to eradicate the virus (at the moment AntiVirus is already able to detect it but not to eliminate it). McAfee has updated its database with information about MelissaW.

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