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iPhone and Tim, close the handshake?

It seems more and more likely that Tim is the mobile operator who will give the Italian iPhone. To give this impression a series of emails that have come to the editorial staff over the past few days from which, despite the fragmented nature of the information contained therein, one gets the impression that the speech between Apple and the issuance of Telecom Italia has not only gone ahead, contrary to what some other primary source of information claims, but also close, if it has not even passed, the crucial phase, the one where the agreement is reached.

Most of the information contained in the emails, which are far more than any of them, to which we mention, direct attention to elements that would even suggest some imminent marketing initiatives. If this were the case, it could not be excluded that the Italian iPhone could be talked about publicly in the next few hours, perhaps in the context of a broader announcement of the expansion of the iPhone market in Europe and Asia. At that point Tim could be free to start the publicity campaigns of the phone, even if this should come in the following weeks, maybe in the spring.

The hypothesis that Tim is Apple's partner was born on the basis of various clues, including the strings of carrier I.D. contained in the latest version of the firmware. Macity, for his part, had then had rather precise and detailed information on the fact that the speech with Tim was not yet concluded and that the talks were going on. On the other hand, if you look at what happened elsewhere, Apple has chosen both in Germany and in France the mobile emanations of the fixed incumbent (T-Mobile a derivation of Deutsche Telekom, Orange of France Telecom), perhaps in view of possible future iterations also with the home network that is converging with the mobile one. In Italy, as is known, Tim is precisely the mobile issue of Telecom which firmly controls the landline market.

The rumors about alleged negotiations with Vodafone, the second telephone operator in Italy, already weak months ago, in the face of too conflicting interests between the British multinational (heavily in the service sector with Live! As well as used to branding its terminals just as heavily) and Apple and today they are even more so after the lawsuit filed in Germany against T-Mobile to impose the release by law of the iPhone. If Vodafone really had been engaged in negotiations with Apple to bring iPhones to other countries it seems very unlikely that its German branch would launch (ending up being wrong) in a court proceeding to ask a judge to liberalize the use of any Sim on the German iPhone.

For Italy, in addition to the Tim hypothesis, the possibility remains, at least theoretical, that it is 3 to conquer the Apple phone. The manager of Hong Kong in Italy already has flat data that would adapt well to the spirit of Apple services and could perhaps be more flexible than Tim in managing the profit model that Apple requires. But to date Hutchinson Whampoa, who controls 3, does not seem to have shown interest in the iPhone.