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In-app purchases can be gifted on the App Store

Subscriptions, but also virtual currencies and digital objects: the iOS App Store will allow you to give purchases normally available only within apps and games

Maybe for this year we won't make it in time, but from Christmas next year it will be possible give digital objects within the apps for iOS, such as virtual currencies or special uniforms, spells and so on. The news comes from MacRumors, which has identified one change to guidelines published by Apple in connection with what external developers can publish within the App Store.

According to the latest directives, "Apps can allow users to gift digital items normally available as in-app purchases". A sentence with a rather clear meaning: everything inside apps and games considered as a separate purchase from the initial cost (i.e. the one paid for downloading from the App Store) can now be given to anyone with an iOS device and its app installed. Items are included subscriptions to streaming services, but also digital objectsis virtual currenciesuseful for the purchase of costumes and dance moves that are most popular in free to play games.

The reason why we may not be able to in time this year handing out Christmas tips in the form of V-Bucks Fortnite that at the moment the possibility was only foreseen by Apple, but has not yet been seized by the developers. In fact, it will take time for the latter to integrate the lines of code necessary to manage the new type of transactions and to make the related menu items appear in their apps. Finally, it is said that Apple itself is not thinking of one change in the interface of his digital store, which makes this type of gift accessible without necessarily having to go through the apps; at the moment there is still no trace on the App Store.


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