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How to install ADB and Fastboot on Mac

Think about installing and configuring ADB and Fastboot on Mac is a very complicated process. Instead not quite so. Ironically, it's much easier to set up ADB and Fastboot on Mac than on PC with Windows.

ADB efastbootthey are command line tools that allow you toflashUSB image files on devicesAndroid,that allow you to manage and debug and many other things.With this article, we will have to perform the procedure to manage Android devices on Mac, because I believe that the procedure involves less difficulty. There are valid reasons to affirm this, also because it is not necessary to install any driver on the computer. On Windows it is not possible to execute a Fastboot command without first installing the device drivers on the PC, otherwise you will not even be able to see the device itself.

Various guides recommend downloading the Android SDK Manager to get ADB running on the Mac. However, if you want to use ADB / Fastboot to unlock the bootloader of Android devices and get root permissions on it, there is no need to download 400MB + SDK.

Just follow the instructions below and you will be able to install and run ADB and Fastboot on Mac in less than 15 minutes in a very simple way. Let's move on to driving.

How to install ADB and Fastboot on Mac

Step 1: Open Terminal on your Mac and run the following command:

ruby -e $(curl -fsSL

This command installer Homebrew on your Mac, which is necessary for the installation of ADB and Fastboot through the method that we propose in this guide.

ADB and Fastboot on Mac 1

Step 2:You will be asked to download Xcode or install only the files needed to run the commands correctly. Select the "install?And wait for the download to finish. If you already have Xcode installed on your Mac, such a dialog won't appear.

Step3: Once the necessary files are downloaded, you need to enter your local Mac account password in the Terminal so that the files can be successfully installed.

ADB and Fastboot on Mac 2

Step4: After installing them, proceed by running the following command:

brew install android-platform-tools

This will allow you to download and install the most recent version of the ADB and Fastboot files on Mac. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this step can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

you can verify the installation of ADB and Fastboot on Mac by running the command "adb version".

The next time you need to run an ADB and Fastboot command on Mac, you simply have to open the terminal and run the ADB or Fastboot command. There is no need to switch first from a particular folder or directory.

One of the advantages of this guide to obtain ADB and Fastboot on Mac that the latter will be updated to their latest version automatically.

If you encounter issues to make ADB and Fastboot work on Mac, please ask for the comments below.

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