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DiscBurner in Italian

enero 27, 2020

DiscBurner in Italian – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Now even Italian users can burn CDs using DiscBurner and the internal drive of the new Macs in San Francisco.Cupertino has in fact released in the past few hours the version for the operating system in our language of the application that allows the "transparent" creation of discs .DiscBurner, remember, one of the software presented during the past MacWorld expo in San Francisco. Until the release of the Italian version, however, its use was in fact "prohibited" to users who do not use an American OS. The installer, as we explained a few days ago, refused all localized operating systems. The main feature of Disco Burner is integration with the Finder. By inserting a blank disk in the drive, it is recognized as an unwritable disk and a window offers, as it happens with unformatted disks, a name field. The Finder creates an icon on which you can then drag the files you want to save to disk. At that point just select from the "special" menu, "Create CD" and the game is done. Disc Burner, which keeps this name also in Italian, becomes of particular interest in combination with iTunes. The software for playing music on the Internet, downloading audio files and creating music compilations, automatically recognizes the presence of the software for burning and interacts with it. It is important to note that DiscBurner, which necessarily requires MacOs 9.1, to now able to work only with Apple's internal burners and therefore only with San Francisco machines. Cupertino has promised that plug-ins capable of supporting a wide range of peripherals will be released as well as Radialogic's CD Master, software from which DiscBurner was directly derived was able to do. DiscBurner, unlike third party software, is not even capable of burning CDs in multiple sessions.

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