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AppleInsider tries again

Just a few days after the start of the MacWorld Expo, the always well-informed AppleInsider tries once again to anticipate what will be released by Apple during the event. Here is a list of what, according to the American website, we should therefore see:

New PowerMac G4The new PowerMac G4 will debut with a plastic case substantially identical to the current one. At the moment it is unclear whether UMA-2 (the new generation motherboard that Apple has been preparing for some time) will be present or not and whether this will be discussed during the Expo. The difference is not a little, since one of the most interesting features of the UMA2 is the speed of the 133MHz system bus and the adoption of the fast "PC133" RAM memories. The PowerMac G4 family will consist of several models, the most "Small" of which will be a 450MHz model. Halfway there is a version with a double processor and in the larger configurations 500 and 600MHz models respectively. Contrary to what reported by other reports – according to AppleInsider – it is not true that Apple will not continue to release multiprocessor machines. The availability of 600MHz processors will initially be a problem for Apple since Motorola continues to have problems in producing large quantities of G4 faster than 500MHz. The configurations of the new machines should therefore be the following:

– Power Mac G4 450 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 30 GB, DVD, 56K – Power Mac G4 with two 500 MHz G4, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB, DVD, CD-RW, 56K – Power Mac G4 with two G4 a 600 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB, DVD, CD-RW, 56K

The estimated prices of these systems are not yet known but it is to be expected that they will be in line with the previous price types and therefore with costs of $ 1599, $ 2399 and $ 3499 respectively.

Even the G4 Server family will take advantage of the new configurations: the basic model will adopt a 500MHz G4 while the 600MHz will be used in the medium / high variants. All Server configurations will remain single processor (also because currently Mac OS X Server not able to run on multi-processor machines).

PowerBookAlmost a year after the release of the FireWire PowerBooks, Apple will release what many users have been waiting for for some time: a PowerBook with G4.The configurations of the PowerBook G4 will be very similar to those of the current FireWire PowerBook line: the entry-level model provides a 400MHz G4 with 64Mb of RAM and 10GB of hard disk, while the more "substantial" model will feature a 500MHz G4, 128MB of RAM and a 20Gb hard disk. It is not yet clear if both models will be used a new type of closure and if the ATI Mobility M4 (the successor of the Rage Mobility 128 card) will be exploited: the choice would seem logical but the AGP 4x chip would not be adequately exploited by the 2X slot of the PowerBook G4. Unless, of course, the UMA-2 debuted together with the new PowerBooks making it possible, in fact, the adoption of the AGP 4X. There was also much talk about Apple's adoption of the nVIDIA chips and, although c Some announcements from the latter company are to be expected, according to AppleInsider, there is little chance that Apple will present new machines with nVIDIA chips.

CubeHere too many doubts: Jobs has promised the G4 Cube at a lower cost but has in fact kept its promise with the recent cut of $ 300 in the base model. According to AppleInsider, the MacWorld Expo could be an opportunity to present a small subnotebook that takes advantage of a G3 and that is significantly smaller than the current PowerBook line. This "CubeBook" would fill a gap in the product line that was created after the discontinued production of the "Duo" series and the PowerBook 2300 and 2400.

Studio DisplayHere Appleinsider is more vague: it reports what we said yesterday (a bigger CinemaDisplay?) And long hoped for: a Studio Display with a 17 ? diagonal.

Will it all be true?Contrary to the past times, this time Appleinsider much more cautious in every step. The article full of "if", "maybe", etc. a sign that – probably – the sources this time did not guarantee the American site 100% certainty of what was reported. There remain some "mysteries" not revealed by Appleinsider; for example: what will Jobs present with the managers Microsoft and ATI? There are still a few days left: only then will we be able to know if this time too Appleinsider "got it right" or not.

(Edited by Newton)