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11 apps that you will need during the holidays

enero 27, 2020

From the calorie diary to the application with many Christmas stickers to send via WhatsApp, here are 11 goodies with which to decorate the smartphone

From the one to dress well also according to grandmother to the one that counts the calories of the Christmas lunch (to dress well also according to jeans), there are many applications for really useful parties. Some even indispensable to not set fire to the Christmas tree and also to the genealogical one, arriving at the Epiphany without a relative who speaks to us.

Smart Closet will help you to exploit your wardrobe in an excellent way, avoiding slips of the type But haven't I seen that sweater on Christmas Eve? It is in fact an app that makes an inventory of all clothes and accessories through photographic shots, recommends combinations based on customizable matching and ideas suggested by the algorithm, finally calendars the raised looks, thus avoiding wearing the same thing on two similar occasions.

And for New Year? Bantoa proved to be a much better adviser than any salesperson (mendacious for professional deformation): an application that works as a personal shopper, offering suitable clothes and accessories. Among the various options, there is also that of elegant looks, ceremonial and gal, including the number one festoon of the year: that of the night of December 31, in fact. In addition to the advice, the app allows you to buy directly and safely from the numerous online shopping partners.

From the app that turns your smartphone into a breathalyzer, estimating the concentration of alcohol in the blood after the New Year's Eve dinner, Christmas lunch and New Year's Eve, to the one to track Santa's movements in real time, discover the 11 apps for the parties in the gallery above.


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