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The best keyboards for Android Head the best

What are the best keyboards for Android? Anyone who writes with a certain regularity through a device with this OS, be it smartphone or tablet, has certainly asked this question. As easy to understand, the answer to this question is far from easy if not impossible.

At stake, in fact, there is the subjective taste but also the specific use that the keyboard is intended to make. Those who use this tool for messaging via smartphone certainly have needs from those who work by writing on a tablet.

The best keyboards for Android? Draw up a real ranking almost impossible

Precisely because of this impossibility to draw up a real ranking, we simply collected a list. From this, any Android user can choose, through Play Store, which option is best suited to your needs.

It should be borne in mind that some of the following paid apps. Beyond that, the low price should not be an obstacle for most users.

ai.type Keyboard Plus

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<p style=ai.type an advanced and highly customizable keyboard as well as peculiarities that make it extremely flexible. It indeed allows you to customize the layout, changing colors and fonts, as well as offering more than 800 emojis to express yourself in any context. The themes available for customization are in the thousands and totally free, for a number that gradually increases with each software update. The same themes can be created by each user and then they can be shared with friends or with all the other users who rely on ai.type.

As proof of the goodness of this keyboard there are the thousands of subscribers and the positive evaluation of the store. As for the price, we speak of 4.99 euros although it is possible to buy ai.type at a lower cost during periodic sales.

Hackers Keyboard

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<p style=With Hacker's Keyboard instead, we focus on a free app. It is a keyboard that, as easy to guess, presents itself as particularly functional for hackers. In reality, it is a keyboard particularly suitable also for those accustomed to writing on a PC with Windows, given the similarity with what proposed by Microsoft.

In this sense it is also possible to use keyboard shortcuts with key combos like ALT, TAB is CTRL. There keyboard is resizable and can also be used with the typical interface of Android devices. Excellent also portrait mode. As evidence of the effectiveness of Hacker's Keyboard, in addition to 5 million downloads, there are excellent ratings on the Play Store. Despite this, it must be said that the app not updated from the now distant 2018: in spite of this, it remains one of the best options currently available on the store.

Smart Keyboard PRO

Smart Keyboard Pro

A little less known but still rather appreciated, Smart Keyboard Pro turns out to be a keyboard with different brands. Although it has remained tied to a Gingerbread style, given that the latest update by 2017, it is still suitable for those who remain tied to a slightly older style.

Among the many features we point out the possibility of downloading themes, vocal input, an easy passage between different languages, a special keyboard for Emojis and a dictionary with self-learning function. Smart Keyboard Pro available on Google Play for 2.39 euros.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Swift Keyboard

With SwiftKey Keyboard, we are going to illustrate perhaps the best known keyboard for Android. Strong of half a million installations in fact, it is an app considered among the most influential in the sector. As a testament to its value, Samsung has decided to rely on this app for the default keyboard of their smartphones. From there, one senses that it is one of the best possible choices. Regarding its characteristics, we have spoken extensively in this article.

There customizable toolbar complete with quick shortcuts, the automatic spell checker with A.I., over 100 themes and the ability to customize the size of the keyboard are just some of the peculiarities of SwiftKey Keyboard. The ability to enable up to 5 languages simultaneously between the over 300 supported, then a further touch of class.


Swype "width =" 566 "height =" 332 "srcset =" 566w, https: // 300w, /01/Swype-360x211.png 360w "sizes =" (max-width: 566px) 100vw, 566px "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 2685773671 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "data- PageSpeed-lsc-url = "" /></p>
<p style=Swype particularly famous in the environment, although, as is evident, an app that definitely divides users. The main feature of this keyboard is its management gesture, thanks to which you can write by dragging your finger. With a little practice, this function can make writing very fluid, although not everyone appreciates this way of typing words.

Going back to the app more generically, it offers 1,000 emojis, 3,000 keyboard themes, various animations and many other interesting functions. The free nature of Swype is a great incentive to test this particular keyboard with your hand.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard

The option offered by Google Keyboard far from obvious. Although it is the keyboard present by default on most Android smartphones, it makes its simplicity and ductility its strong point. The perennial care with which the company updates and monitors this software is one more reason to entrust your typing to this app. Obviously free.

TouchPal X Keyboard


Another alternative among the most popular, sometimes even by default, on smartphones of different brands TouchPal X. This is rightfully included in the list of the best keyboards for Android and, to demonstrate its goodness, we have dedicated an entire video review to this solution.

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard produced by Go Team, the famous producer of Go Launcher. It is a well-made keyboard in broad lines, although in the Play Store it obtains conflicting feedback, splitting the user in two. The keyboard we are talking about, regardless of there, turns out to be extremely customizable is full of themes like all the other products in the team.

Also worthy of note is the presence of over 800 emojis, well divided according to the different categories. Being a free alternative, it can be interesting to even try this keyboard.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard looks like an alternative very similar to Gboard, while offering offers many more options. Among the different functions we can mention the automatic correction, managed in an excellent way by an A.I. high level. The possibility of using the night mode and the customization of font sizes, are other at least interesting peculiarities. Obviously there is an abundant dose of emoji.

Given the similarity with Gboard, Chrooma does not seem to bring anything revolutionary in this sector. Despite this, some features make it particularly valid, for example, if the visually impaired user. The cost, just 0.79 euros, does not constitute a particular headache.

Multiling O Keyboard

Multiling O Keyboard

MultiLing O Keyboard ideal for those who want to take advantage of a light and at the same time feature-rich app. With the support of 200 languages it's a layout reminiscent of PC keyboards, can be a solution particularly appreciated by many users.

Besides that, this virtual keyboard offers all the features like scrolling, automatic correction, themes and much more. To note the interesting present of one of his integrated calculator as well as a tool for editing text. For some features for, additional plug-ins must be downloaded. Given the many downloads and particularly flattering evaluations, MultiLing O Keyboard certainly does not look bad on the list of the best keyboards for Android.


Flesky Keyboard

We end the list with Flesky, yet another keyboard for Android with many features. Among the many functions, we can remember the possibility of send GIF, L'gesture self-correction and many other tasty additional features.

Flesky's strong point remains the ability to quickly type his own key thanks to the aforementioned self-correction. With a little practice, this keyboard can become one of the fastest to use. This is a free app, even if it offers a series of in-app purchases in the form of add-ons to add additional features to those already present by default (which, however, are not few).


Those who appreciate essentiality and lightness, could easily prefer Swiftkey and Google Keyboard. Despite this, given the free or low cost nature of some alternatives, it is possible to try rather surprising alternatives. Although many words can be spent regarding functionality, themes and various customizations, what makes a keyboard suitable for a specific user is still the feeling.