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Stickers come on WhatsApp

enero 25, 2020

Stickers also arrive on the messaging app, already adopted by most competing platforms. They will be available to the general public these days

The evolution of Whatsapp continues at a steady pace, and after the advances on the holiday mode and the option to silence all conversations at the same time, other news has emerged in these hours on the next versions of the app. In particular, the platform is about to equip itself with a feature that has long been popular on all other competing solutions: a adhesive system to be used within conversations.

WhatsApp sticker

To use them, just open the emoji menu and touch the corresponding button. In addition to the stickers already available, they can download others both from within WhatsApp and from the Google Play Store, while to maintain a little order in the more full-bodied sticker collections it will be possible to choose a sticker both according to the package which it is part of, or visit a special section of the library that divides them by type of reaction.

WhatsApp sticker

The option is already available in beta versions of the app, which means it should arrive on most smartphones in a few days. Before starting to communicate exclusively via stickers to better wait a little for safety: on the versions of the app not yet updated, the stickers they are not visible.

Whatsapp Sticker))>

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