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Sharp expands business in Europe: new solutions for office printing

enero 25, 2020

If it is true that companies will hardly stop printing documents, it is equally true that they will have to adopt the most advanced tools in order not to lag behind in digital development. And the technology will be based on four aspects destined to be fundamental in 2020: the optimization of serverless printing functions, cyber security, attention to the environment and the growth of the IoT.

These are the words with which Carlo Alberto Tenchini, Marketing and Communication Director of Sharp Italia, introduces the news on the products expected in 2020.

We are at the dawn of a new decade and printers still play an important role in the office. The trend towards serverless printing given by the possibility of removing local infrastructures, while maintaining the possibility of printing in complete safety explains Tenchini. Furthermore, it can represent a source of considerable savings and a significant increase in versatility for businesses.

Sharp expands business in Europe: new solutions for office printing

The increasingly connected printers and MFPs are becoming digital hubs, which is why it will be increasingly important to focus on device security.

Another aspect highlighted the attention to the environment, for which we must take into account the laws in force in the European Community and find the correct way to help companies achieve their respective objectives in terms of eco-sustainability. There are many aspects to satisfy: from the approach to the circular economy and to product design, which involves the use of recycled materials for production, up to the reuse and collection of consumables.

Finally, the manager of the company believes that the most significant technological changes in the field of printing in the next 5-10 years will not be favored by 5G, but by the growth of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, now fundamental in the digital transformation of many companies.

The company has also acquired 100% of its affiliate Skytec Universal Media Corporation (UMC): with an initial stake in Skytec UMC of 56.7%, Sharp thus takes an important step towards growing its business in Europe.

Sharp expands business in Europe: new solutions for office printing

In January 2015, the company had in fact initially granted UMC the license rights for the TV business in Europe. With the acquisition of the majority of the shares of Skytec UMC in February 2017, it then took over the rights to the brand, including the production and distribution of Sharp products, thus opening a new path in the European market.

With the acquisition legally in force on 9 October 2019, it has obtained 100% of the shares of its affiliate and sends a clear signal of brand growth and development in the European market.

With the acquisition of the plant in Poland, the company will first be able to improve its production capacity in Europe, from distribution channels to sales. The goal is to advance the TV business, as well as the audio, SDA and mobile telephony sectors, focusing on a global commercial strategy and continuing the expansion of the 8K + 5G, IoT and AI sectors.

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