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[Rom] Slimbean review

enero 25, 2020

The battle between the Roma and their fans never ends.

Today we offer you the SlimBean Rom derived from Android stock. An android version which, as the name of the rom says, is based on a very "slim" approach.

This rom available for a large number of devices and is based on the stock version 4.2.2, suitably reworked and corrected. It is based on the concept of essentiality, we will therefore find customization options and various but limited addons in order to guarantee a simple and fast user experience, without too many graphic frills, apps of dubious utility and features that are not very usable.

After the canonical flash of the zip files we are faced with a rom that is very reminiscent of the clean style of the stock system, to which it adds various classic improvements including the possibility of modifying the toogle, the navbar, the notification bar, the lockscreen and of men power. Like all the latest Roma, it offers the addition of a perfect pie, now indispensable for all those who want to fully enjoy the smartphone screen thanks to the extended desktop mode.

Here are some sceenshot:

The settings and customizations reduced to a minimum allow even less experienced users to use all the features of this excellent rom without problems, avoiding getting lost in the menus and between the various settings. Thus offering the opportunity to modify a large part of the system but without making everything too complex even for beginners.

Interesting addition to the guided path to change the screen dpi:

A series of steps guides us in an effective modification of dpi without running into problems and without having to resort to external programs.

Noteworthy is also the optimal management of the audio profiles, the real dark slim that allows us to switch to a total black version of the rom and the slimcenter. The latter will allow us to update the phone via ota and offers the slimsizer tool that allows you to remove the system apps in order to make the rom even more slim.

From the point of view of consumption, we cannot complain, the battery management is really excellent and even with the most stressful use we will be able to arrive in the evening without problems. Performance further modifiable through the settings, allowing us to choose the governor that best suits us and with the possibility of freely varying the minimum and maximum frequencies of the CPU.

On the official website of the rom you will find various add-ons, which will allow you to install various improvements via flash.

In conclusion: a really nice and functional rom, without too many frills, highly recommended for all those looking for a user friendly modding experience.


– excellent battery life

– essential customizations

– excellent kernel

– user friendly


– limited customizations may be tight

– minor bugs

I refer you to the developer site:


and if you can find it useful to the discussion on our forum:

Android Globe Forum