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Other confirmations for Google Hangouts and Android 4.3

A few days after the start of the Google I / O 2013, further new confirmations for Android 4.3 eHangouts arrive, the name now seems definitive: Babel. The new Jelly Bean 4.3 distribution has in fact been confirmed in other servers scattered around the network on various international sites and, although it cannot be a certainty, there are now so many appearances that thinking about a fake of all images seems somewhat improbable.


Babel, or rather Hangouts, seems to find real confirmations in the first technical tests that they see in some notification messages appeared on reddit, with the word Hangouts to report missed calls.

The images are many and indirectly confirm the arrival of the new unified messaging service.

have my android phone linked with Google Voice, and Google Voice also calls my desktop computer because it has Google Chat installed.

I got an incoming call, and didnt answer the phone. Usually when I do that I get a popup on my computer saying that someone is trying to call me in Google Chat.

Now I just got a large popup, saying that someone is calling me from Google+ Hangouts! (Which confirms it will just be called Hangouts).

I guess anyone of you can test it if you install Google Chat Chrome Extension and redirect calls to Google Talk inside Google Voice.

Here is a screenshot: (see image above, screenshot on the left)

EDIT: AND ITS GONE. (back to normal popup) (see image above, screenshot on the right)

This is one of the many testimonies seen on REDDIT. Just a few more days and we'll find out the truth!