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OSX Mountain Lion: iMessage, Game Center and much more!


Over 100 new features for the new OSX update that brings Mac and iDevice even closer

The process of "merging" iOS and OSX continues; If Lion was a starting point for the creation of a "single system", the new update released yesterday by Apple, or Mountain Lion, does nothing but confirm the company's policy.

In fact, this Major Relase, brings the main functions already available for some time on iPad (or rather, iOS 5 and earlier) on all Apple home computers: iMessages, Reminders, Game Center, Notes and much more.

So goodbye to applications such as iCal, iChat, Address Book and Software Update, also say goodbye to the name "Mac OSX" since from today it will be called only "OSX".

More than 100 novelties for this relaseche, in addition to those already mentioned above, adds important user safety measures, such as GateKeeper which we will discuss later. But let's proceed calmly and let's look together at the major news of this update that reaches version 10.8

Let's start with the Notification Center, introduced on iDevice with iOS 5 and which is preparing to land also on Mac: Growl will therefore not be necessary, which until now has been one of the most used notification systems on OSX.All notices for applications such as GameCenter, Calendar, iMessagges and Reminders they will be visible on a side scrolling menu in full iOS style which can be called up by pressing a dedicated button on the menu bar.

Let's talk now about messages, another feature introduced with iOS 5 that has supplanted messaging services such as Whatsapp. The app integrates (on Mac) iChat which now allows the integration of messaging clients such as Yahoo, Jabber, AIM and Google Talk. Integration also with Facetime, it will be possible, in fact, to start a video conference with the person you are talking to. Messages already available for download at the following link.

These two are basically the two most important features of this relase, but not the only ones;

  • The GameCenter it will allow us to manage our profile and challenge our friends in multiplayer on Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • Reminders and Notesthey will allow us to manage our commitments and keep track of things to do.
  • Thanks to'AirPlay Mirroring, it will be possible to stream your Mac on TVs connected to an Apple TV
  • GateKeeper the new security system integrated in this relase: we will be able to choose whether to install the App only from the Store or from any source (.DMG or .PKG files for example), this to avoid incurring in malicious software that threatens user safety ( in simple terms as on Android, we can choose whether or not to install .Apk files of unknown sources)
  • Complete integration of Twitter and iCloud Documents
  • Share Sheetsto facilitate the sharing of Links

OSx 10.8 Mountain Lion will be available at the end of this summer at a price similar to that of Lion, or about 25 (subject to changes). I leave you at Apple's official website for the Overview and the complete list of all the available Features, while, to this LINK you can view a series of videos showing the news of this update.Are you looking for discounted smartphones? Buy them at the best price on >>> Amazon!


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