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iTunes, visitors grow 5 times the speed of those on the net

iTunes, visitors grow 5 times the speed of those on the net logomacitynet1200wide 1

Visitors to the iTunes Store grow at a rate more than five times faster than surfers on the net, three times. This is the data collected by ComScore Netoworks and which better and better than others certifies the success and popularity of the Cupertino brand and products.

The research refers to the month of December. During the period of the year traditionally more interesting for Apple, the number of visitors who clicked on the online music and video store was a good 70.7 million, 57% more than last year (45 million), those, the address to which they point according to what ComScore reports, also the iTunes sites, reached 111.1 million against 84 million (+ 32%) of the previous year. Things didn't get much worse in November as visits to rose 21% from 2005.

The figures appear in all their meaning if we consider that in December the growth of the Internet "population" was 10%.

Despite the increase in visits, still remains quite far from the top. Microsoft had over half a billion clicks, Google and Yahoo (second and third respectively) had 494 and 417 million visitors. Apple ranks eleventh in the overall ranking, ahead of Adobe which has had just a million fewer visitors.

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