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iPhone at the top in Google searches in 2007

enero 25, 2020

iPhone the title that achieved the greatest gap in terms of Internet searches between 2006 and 2007 through the Google engine. The announcement of what looks like a real Oscar to the popularity of Apple's mobile phone comes from the same 'Big G'

The Apple phone ranks first in the special ranking both in searches from the USA and on a global scale, proving that the fame of the mobile phone affects all the countries of the world or, if nothing else, those technologically more advanced and as such who use the Internet more. To justify the boom, the fact that last year no one, if not some adventurous and imaginative user, had researched the term 'iPhone', since it had not yet been released, while this year it was one of the favorite topics of the specialized press. and not.

The world ranking appears dominated by social networking, proving that it is a dominant trend for 2007: in second place behind iPhone Badoo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Webkinz, Youtube, eBuddy, Second Life, Hi5 and Club Penguin. In the USA Webkinz is in second place and Tmz in third. Worth noting is the appearance in the last place, the tenth, of Anna Nicole Smith, an almost forgotten figure whose death sparked a wave of interest.