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How to avoid speeding fines

enero 25, 2020

In times of crisis it is difficult to have to pay even fines. To avoid them one must be prudent and one smartphonewith some applications installed that detect in good time Tutor is Speed ​​Cameras. With these applications, the motorist becomes aware if a road equipped with "electronic eye”And at which precise point positioned. The use of these tools gives the possibility to keep us within the expected speed limits avoiding a fine and deduction of points on the driving license. The Speed ​​Cameras they are fixed eyes positioned at a specific point, which indicate the speed of the vehicle at that moment. THE Tutor instead they calculate the average speed of a stretch of road.While the apps are not infallible, we propose the ones that in our opinion are the most useful and can avoid taking fines.

iCoyote Europe

icoyote "width =" 200 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 200w, https: //www.guideitech. com / wp-content / uploads / 2013/05 / icoyote-100x150.jpg 100w, 320w "data-sizes =" ( max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px "/> Lapp. <strong>iCoyote Europe</strong> for <em>iOS</em> is <em>Android</em>allows you to travel more safely in Italy and Europe thanks to Coyote technology and informs you about <strong>Fixed speed cameras</strong>, <strong>Mobile speed cameras</strong>, <strong>Tutor</strong>, <strong>Traffic light cameras</strong>, <strong>Risk areas</strong>, <strong>Traffic</strong>, <strong>Accidents</strong>. The application among the most complete on the market has an intuitive interface with day / night screen mode and the possibility of displaying information on the 2D map, with a predefined route at the start. The database of <b>mobile speed cameras</b>  based on reports from the Coyote Community. While the Coyote database of <strong>Speed ​​camera ssi</strong> it updates automatically daily.<strong> iCoyote</strong> also informs you of the presence of <b>risk areas</b> and the frequency of reports. You will receive this information in the areas where reports have been made in the 3 months prior to your transit. There <strong>Scout function </strong> the notification of Coyote users who have traveled the same road in the half hour prior to your passage. <strong>Tutor</strong>, the interface indicates the distance from the next portal, the real speed and the average kept up to that moment. To use this application you have to pay 1.79. on download with one month of service included. For the following months you pay a subscription of 11.98. for a month and 49.99 for a whole year. Of course, it has a not insignificant cost, but for those who travel continuously, this outlay can avoid you taking fines.</p><div class=

Fast & Tutor

fast and tutorLapp. Fast & Tutor for devices only iOS, manages your speed at best on any motorway section controlled by Tutor of the Police, with the security of not exceeding the permitted speed limit. It has in its memory the whole map of the Tutors installed in the Italian motorways. In addition, the system ofFast & Tutormonitors the average speed in the stretch of road between two tutors. The intuitive interface communicates the theoretical speed with which the permitted average speed will not be exceeded. At the end of each leg Tutor, you can check your average speed if it has been above or below the allowed limit. The application is free and downloadable from the AppStore. A good app that can prevent you from taking fines.

Highway Tutor

highways tutorThe application Highway Tutor available for free for iOS is Android, provided by a database consisting of 340 workstations Tutor installed on Italian motorways and the stations Vergilius on state roads. Be careful because this application detects only the sections with the presence of a Tutor.

Among the functions, it indicates the distance to the next position and the current average speed. When passing under the station, the application automatically sets itself to the next station and recalculates the average speed. It is provided with a map on which the stations are highlighted and provides information on the permitted speed on the road section and on the directions. The map also displays the traffic information (Google traffic).

It should be noted that the calculation of the speed depends on the accuracy of the data gps.In particular, on non-straight highways, the average speed indicated may not be exact.

It is important to note that the presence of Wifi or data to allow the downloading of the workstations from the server. This operation must be repeated periodically to allow updates of the positions (3G / GSM network is not mandatory). The application can be downloaded for free from the respective stores.

These are some apps that can prevent you from taking fines.