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Facebook, a quarter of users have uninstalled the app

A survey shows a slice of users looking for a break from the social network. Matter of privacy or is there more?

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration

We have known for years that Facebook is no longer a social network on the crest of the wave: growth is no longer what it once was and the youngest part of the population prefers to attend other shores. In these hours, for a survey published in these days by the Pew Research Center and carried out in the United States, it is giving a more precise idea of ??how wide the abyss is between the social network of Mark Zuckerberg and its users: according to the findings of the institute, a quarter of US Facebook users would have uninstalled the app of the social network from your smartphone over the past year.

The poll involved 4594 interviewed who were not asked for the reasons for the gesture. The results of the other questions suggest that the Cambridge Analytica scandal related to the security and confidentiality of the information uploaded to Facebook servers may have contributed to the mass uninstallation (54% of the sample said they had controlled the social privacy settings network) but would be inaccurate deduce that users on the run have all been frightened by the scandal that came to light at the beginning of the year.

The growth of social media has started to slow down already towards the end of 2016, when nobody knew who Christopher Wylie, Aleksandr Kogan and the other protagonists of the story were; in addition, by breaking down the percentages by age group, it is clear that those most likely to reduce their dependence on social blue they are between 18 and 29 years old, while among users over the years the tolerance towards Facebook interference in daily life is higher. Privacy, therefore, could only be one of the aspects that are digging a gap between Facebook and its users.

Of the other possible elements of impatience you could make a list from the climate of sterile aggression that permeates the comments to the news uploaded on the platform by publishers in search of points of contact with their audience, to the almost morbid attempts by the system's algorithms to encourage comments, reactions, likes and new friends. And if it is true that the situation painted by the Pew Research Center for the United States, in Europe (where the Cambridge Analytica scandal had another kind of impact) things they are not meant to get better, on the contrary: while in North America growth in the last quarter basically stopped, in the old continent we have a total of 3 million users active on the platform every day.


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