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Easier to buy Interstudio software

It is easier to buy Interstudio software logomacitynet1200wide 1

Interstudio which distributes and develops many of the most used software by professional firms in many areas has decided to implement a new policy in the "Education" sector. This is an initiative aimed at expanding the installed base and spreading the Mac also in university or high school environments. The offers are also addressed to teachers and teachers – Packages dedicated exclusively to the school (schools, teachers and teachers) have been created, at a price equal to 50% compared to commercial packages. Contrary to what normally happens in these cases, students they will be able to use the packages to work once they have graduated or graduated. – Support for undergraduates: All students who use Interstudio programs for their degree thesis will be able to purchase them at 30% of the commercial package price. In this case too, the program can be used professionally after graduation. – CD in trial at Universities: universities can request Interstudio a CD with a good number of our programs in trial for 90 days. – Teacher support: free courses on programs to teachers.? Support to the school: within a pre-established didactic pine, Interstudio experts will be able to take part in courses and seminars at schools and universities. Anyone interested in more details on these topics should write to Interstudio

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