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Agreement between Beatles and Apple

Agreement between Apple and the Beatles. The news exploded a few minutes ago on the Internet, with an official press release issued by Cupertino.

According to what has been learned, under the agreement, Apple now has all the rights to the name "Apple" and grants its use to Apple Corps, the production house of Apple, for use in certain market situations. Still under the terms of the Apple Inc. and Apple Corps agreement. they close all legal disputes, also agreeing to share the costs incurred to date. Finally, Apple can continue to use its name in iTunes. All other details remain confidential.

The joint press release, which reports statements by Steve Jobs and Neil Aspinall, manager of Apple Corps, makes no mention of possible short-term joint commercial initiatives, it simply speaks of a generic "cooperation" without other references. For now, therefore, no sale of music on iTunes, as some sources claimed.

What is certain is that the definitive closure of any controversy over the use of the name, for which complicated and completely temporary buffer solutions had taken place over the years (such as the separation of the areas of interest within which each of the two companies could use the brand), new horizons and new perspectives of collaboration are open which could, even in the short term, lead to a real alliance.