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6 best Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Cases and covers you can buy

enero 25, 2020

After much speculation, Xiaomi has finally released the latest device in its long-awaited and best-selling Redmi line earlier this week. The Redmi Note 5 sports the modern 18: 9 display and enriches the consumer budgeting market. While the giant of Chinese technology has now also incorporated Corning Gorilla Glass to further improve the life of the Redmi Note 5, we all know that the most modern phones are rather fragile.

A drop and a heart beat are enough to realize that our phones are prone to cracks and need a sturdy protective case. Xiaomi has dealt with this lack by including a simple silicone case with the device, but it is possible that you want something more reliable or fancy. This being the case (see what I did there!), Here are the 6 best covers and covers of Redmi Note 5 that you can buy right now:

The best houses and covers of Redmi Note 5

1. Xiaomi official hard case

If delicate cases are not your style, Xiaomi has even created a "hard cover with a matte finish" available on its official website . It boasts that the above housing has been built for consumers, keeping in mind both convenience and durability. The case is said to be teardrop, water and dust resistant, but its elegant aesthetic preserves the curved lines of the Redmi Note 5. It carries a internal microfiber lining, so as not to leave scratches (or smudges) on the back of the device . also available in two colors, ie black and blue.

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2. Lilliput transparent silicone case

Redmi Note 5 available in attractive new Blue and Pink colors, which you may want to show off in your social circle . However, you may not want to compromise the protection of your device, so it means that a soft transparent TPU case will be the best choice to keep your newly purchased device safe from drops, bumps and wear. Surely I will add some weight to your elegant Redmi Note 5, but surely do both of its purposes.

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3. Back cover in TPU Hupshy Soft

During a flash sale, there is a high possibility that you have not been able to get your hands on the black variant of Redmi Note 5. so you can opt for this black silicon back case, with defined antenna lines, from Hupshy to add some necessary style, as well as protection for your device on a limited budget. It does not compromise usability and offers resistance against scratches and abrasions from sudden falls.

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4. Structured Hupshy leather case

Aren't you too interested in matte plastic or silicone cases? Well, we (or Hupshy, to be honest) we covered you and brought a rear bag with an elegant leather finish stitched on the table. Made using treated TPU, this case will not only provide any resistance against stains, dirt and tears, but also make others stop and take notice . It will offer you excellent grip with minimal slip, while also providing easy access to buttons and ports.

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5. Lilliput robust multipurpose cover

If you are someone who too clumsy and keep dropping your device to normal, then the sturdy Lilliput case should offer you some peace of mind . Still use the same top grade virgin plastic to create a soft TPU case, with add-ons, accessible to you. can use the entire heavy load package with an integrated tripod and its striped rear or remove the outer shell to use it exclusively as a bumper case for greater protection at the corners.

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6. Hupshy plain black TPU cover

Not particularly looking for something flashy for your new phone and you just want basic protection? So this simple TPU case in soft black silicone what you need to buy and keep your contempt with additional protection for your Redmi Note 5. Glides on the back, shapes around the curved design of the phone and gives you immunity against the heart – making drops or scratches from regular use. It gives you a sophisticated look, without compromising the appearance of your device.

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The best Redmi Note 5 houses and covers you can buy

Redmi Note 5 probably one of the cheapest budget smartphones to launch in 2018 and we can expect it to be adopted by various dedicated Xiaomi users. The phone will be sold retail through scheduled flash sales, as usual, so that you can couple your purchase with some additional protection in the form of one of these cases. This is a collection of base cases and we will update it as more cases become available for the Redmi Note 5 in the coming weeks.

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