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MACWORLD: Flylight, to make light even where there is no light …

MACWORLD: Flylight, to make light even where there is no light …. logomacitynet1200wide 1

It is a device with USB interface consisting of a flexible adaptable to any curvature with a cable that ends with a high brightness white LED. The Flylight does not require absolutely any installation: it simply takes power from the USB socket (with equal consumption at 1 and a half minutes for each hour of battery) and turns on. To turn it off just disconnect it, but does it really work? To give you an idea we recommend you take a look at the photo below: we took it on the arero on returning from MacWorld San Francisco, not only to show you how it works but also to point out a game that you will soon read the review of on GiocaMac: 4X4 Evo.In the image you see two Powerbooks connected via a network via crossover ethernet cable: the first (on the left) equipped with the Kesington device, and you can see how the lighting is widely sufficient even to quickly find the keys to play We have also tried it on the WallStreets equipped with a USB interface on Macally PCMCIA: it works very well but it is not possible to have a fixed insertion as in the Lombard or higher models or in the iBooks since the USB sockets are on a flying "dongle".

In the United States, Flylight is around $ 20 and should soon be imported into Italy as it obviously works on both Mac and Windows and requires no special drivers or software. The warranty is 5 years and the expected duration of approximately 10,000 working hours.

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by Kensington.

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