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iPhone free of contract and unlocked for 749 Euros by Orange

iPhone free from contract and unlocked for 749 Euros by Orange logomacitynet1200wide 1

There is another opportunity for French (and perhaps even Italian) users to purchase a phone that can really be used with all SIMs and with Apple guarantees without going through the often "rigged" offers of some retail chains operating in our country. Official press release Orange announces that the device without a flat-rate contract will cost 649 Euros to which another 100 Euros will have to be added for the release that will allow the use with other operators. For customers already operating with Orange and for which the four all-inclusive rates proposed in conjunction with the new phone are not satisfactory the phone will be sold at the price of 549 Euros. The price then drops to 399 when sold in conjunction with the two-year contracts we told you about yesterday. The contracts allow internet access, email exchange and almost unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Recall that in Germany the "unlocked" iPhone is offered at 999 Euros by T-Mobile.

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