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Google Calendar: 10 tricks to use it at its best

Tips and tricks to use the application for computers, smartphones and tablets to their full potential

Google Calendar a very useful resource for organizing both work and your free time, especially if you are careless and / or have too much to remember, but your memory is not so efficient. We have chosen ten tricks to squeeze this universal application for Android, iOS and its web version to the best of its potential.

1) Keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

Not necessary every time click and move the mouse cursor, because there are comfortable keyboard shortcuts that make your homework easier.

To move around the calendar:

  • J or N to move to the next date
  • R to update the calendar
  • T to go back to today
  • + for adding calendar
  • / to place the cursor in the search bar
  • S for the settings page

To change the calendar view:

  • 1 or D for the daily one
  • 2 or W for the weekly one
  • 3 or M for the monthly one
  • 4 or X for the personalized one
  • 5 or A for agenda mode

Events planning:

  • C to create an event
  • And to view the details
  • Space bar or Clear to clear
  • Z to go back (undo)
  • + s or Ctrl + s to save
  • Esc to return to the calendar

2) Add video conference

Google Calendar Videoconference

If the meeting you have to organize has several participants scattered around the area and you would like at least see you and talk by videoconference then there is an easy easy option on Google Calendar. When you create the appointment, click on Other Options (or open the event later) and open the drop-down corresponding to Add video conference by choosing Hangouts or the free Google service. It can manage up to 10 participants connected via the web or with apps for Android and iOS.

3) Said appointments

Google Calendar Ok

The dear and old Ok Google can activate the creation of events by voice without using the hands but only the voice. It can be used on Android smartphones and tablets as well as on computers with the assistant function activated in Chrome. Say Create event and answer questions to complete all fields.

4) Import your calendar on your website / blog

Google Calendar Embed embed

If you need (or like?) share your calendar with the whole world in an easily viewable way on your site or personal, there is the possibility to copy and paste the embed code. Go to Settings, scroll down to Settings for my calendars and click on the desired one. From the page now go all the way to the Embed code. It will be a string that starts with ?iframe src =" "which you can paste on your blog.

5) Receive a daily agenda

Google Calendar get agenda

A somewhat hidden feature of Google Calendar but very useful that ofdaily agenda that summarizes all the appointments of the day a bit like a personal secretary. You can receive it by email at a very early morning like at 5 in the morning and so you will start the day with everything already clear and round in your mind. And if you've combined some mess with contemporary events you can think of a solution in extremis.

6) The importance of time zones

Google Calendar time zone

When you have international activities or more trivially you have organized your holiday abroad with specific reminders on Google Calendar then you will have to pay close attention to time zones. Luckily, the menu has its nice visibility in the settings. Go to the gear wheel or click on S and from General Settings click or scroll to Time Zone. You can set a secondary one of the location you are interested in. We also suggest you activate the international clock by clicking on Show (on the calendar) to get a more precise idea at first glance.

7) Set a goal

Google Calendar Goal

From your smartphone or tablet, click on the + in the red circle and tap on Objective. You will be able to add a good purpose and the time you set for reaching it. It can be a goal that concerns a physical activity, the development of skills, dedicating more time to friends or family as well as leisure time just for you or to better plan your every day. Once you have selected a specific category and target, you can indicate the frequency and duration as well as a time and from that moment Google Calendar will become your motivator.

8) Take advantage of reminders

Another option by clicking on the pi in the red circle from mobile that of reminders that can significantly improve the organization of the day. Unlike events, reminders stay fixed on the calendar day after day so you can't forget about it. Once you complete a task, you can swipe your finger to delete it. To set them, just follow the practical and simple wizard already set up. In the web version you can find the reminder in the tab beside the event when you create a new appointment.

9) Set up a map and check the location

Google Calendar Location

If you want to set up an appointment with friends in a specific location, instead of writing the street in the description field, you can fill in the appropriate form for the Location. As you write, you will be offered automatic completions. Once the place has been selected, everyone will receive it and will also find it in their Google Maps application. Where is it? From the hamburger menu with the three horizontal lines you have to click on My places and then on In program. You can also open it and start the navigator.

10) Fast answers

Google Calendar Quick Answers

Being part of the ecosystem of the American giant, Google Calendar can communicate without problems also with other services, such as Gmail for send quick and pre-set messages in case of an emergency, for example if you are late or you will not arrive on time. From mobile, open the calendar, tap on the event then Send mail to the guests and choose one of the options. To edit the prepackaged text from mobile go to Settings, General Settings and scroll all the way to Quick Answers, open one and edit.


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