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Activity Bubbles – Use bubbles to know how long you spend on your phone

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles – Use bubbles to find out how long you spend on your phone and every time you unlock your phone, a bubble will be added. The application is called Activity Bubbles – A Digital Wellbeing Experiment, every time you unlock the screen of the device, the screen shows an extra bubble, which becomes as much larger as the smartphone usage session is longer.

This Google wallpaper lets you know how long you've been using your phone using bubbles. Google does several experiments to try to make you use your phone less. This is the main feature of Digital Wellness, a tool integrated in most of Android phones and which allows us to control the time we spend with them.

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We will tell you about an application that is part of these experiments with Digital Wellbeing and that we found curious. a background that will inform you about the activity of your phone. The more you use it, the more the screen is full of bubbles. Google offers another application that allows us to have a paper phone with the basic functions: it is called Envelope and it combines a mobile app with a paper envelope in PDF that we have to print to get into our mobile phone.

Activity Bubbles – Use bubbles to know how long you spend on your phone

In a normal way, we control the use of the device through the hours we spend on the screen in the battery section, or from the graphs of use of digital well-being. However, Google offers a much faster and more curious (though not very precise) solution. an application that installs an animated background called Activity Bubbles – A Digital Wellbeing Experiment.

Every time we unlock the phone, a bubble is added. The goal, if we want to reduce its use, to end the day with as few bubbles as possible.

What's so special? The background consists of two elements (or hundreds, depending on how you look at it): a black background and bubbles that fill it while we use the phone. Every time you unlock the phone, a bubble will be added, with a fairly fluid movement of bubbles and well thought out animations.

This does not end there and the bubbles have different sizes. The more you use the phone, the bigger the next bubble will be. That is, each bubble represents the time spent with the phone in the previous unlock.

The goal, at the end of the day, to have the minimum of bubbles and not the full screen of them.If the screen is full of bubbles, you will know that you have unlocked it many timesIf the bubbles are huge, you will know that you have used it for a long time. A different method, but visual enough to know if we use the phone a lot or a little.

Google also thought about the battery

Speaking of animated wallpapers, it's easy to think immediately about battery power consumption, but Google has thought of that too. The completely black background, so if you have an AMOLED screen,many pixels will be turned off.

Likewise, the screen filling process is also very simple and so designeddo not drain the battery.

  • Unlock the phone.
  • A bubble falls from the sky. (from the top of the device)
  • The bubble is located at the bottom of the cellphone.
  • The bubble remains static, next to the others.

IOC,the wallpaper is animated when you unlock your phone, but once the bubble that registers the use is dropped and seen, everything remains static.

The application available for any Android phone that uses a version equal to or greater than 8.0 Oreo.

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