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Do you have a slow smartphone? Android launches lite versions of some apps

The new function designed for less powerful smartphones, which would gladly do without apps designed for 900-euro phones

(Photo: Reddit u / banksio)(Photo: Reddit u / banksio)

How is it possible that in 2018 some apps, including those at the basis of the experience of daily use of smartphones, are still subject to slowdowns or do they even click annoyingly when scrolling through the screens? Among the majority of smartphone owners, it is actually the most familiar feeling you can imagine, which is why Google is activating a particular function within its Google Play digital app store: a notification intended for less capable phones, which warns when the app you are looking for also available in a lite version, i.e. less heavy for the processor to handle and less cumbersome for the internal memory.

The first to notice the news were some users on Reddit and Google Plus, who visited the Facebook and Messenger pages and were instead offered Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. The two apps of Mark Zuckerberg's group are notoriously monsters capable of engulfing system resources in abundance, and in some cases they are capable of generating slowdowns even on board 400-euro devices. It is therefore not surprising that the company's engineers were among the first to decide on develop alternative versions of its apps dedicated to less fortunate sections of the population. Google is also developing an entire special version of its Android operating system called Android Go, optimized for gadgets with limited resources and equipped with an app with a less devastating impact on the resources of the phones.

The new function of the Play Store it could therefore be aimed at an intermediate audience, who in his pocket has a device more powerful than the absolute entry level destined for the Go Edition but who would still appreciate knowing that his favorite apps are also available in less heavy versions. To know for sure what Google's plans are for it you have to wait: the phantom notification still appears in one testing phase and the precise conditions that make it appear are unclear.


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