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Can OS X Lion also be purchased in the Apple Stores?

Can OS X Lion also be purchased in the Apple Stores? Given the difficulty in purchasing it on the Mac App Store, we think of a version with disk.

Very little is missing from the launch of the new operating system from Apple, the OS X Lion . We have known for some time now that it can only be purchased through Mac App Store and this could be a big problem for all those people who want to update their own Mac but they do not have an internet connection with which they can download their copy of Lion. Today, news is circulating that if confirmed, make all these people happy, and that is the possibility of receiving their copy of Lion by going to a Apple Store.

The guys from have had this indiscretion, and in fact claim that:

We have also heard that some stores will receive Mac Pros to use as Lion's cache distribution centers. Some believe that these stations would allow customers to purchase Lion (3.5 GB) from the Mac App Store and download directly from the store server in minutes. instead of hours a normal broadband connection is resumed.

In short, if this news is confirmed we can go safely to an Apple Store to buy our copy of Lion.