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SoundBlaster Live! in San Francisco?

enero 21, 2020

In the immediately preceding weeks, each MacWorld has been reviving, for some time now, the sound of the SoundBlaster for Mac, a sound card produced by Creative specifically for Cupertino computers and intended to replace the integrated chip for sound management.

Macity had already written on the subject also this summer, during the MacWorld in New York, when the writer asked you personally to a Creative representative if the indiscretion was reliable and when we would therefore have seen the object in question at inside a Mac and maybe on the (virtual) shelves of AppleStore.

Appleinsider resumes the rumor for the umpteenth time stating that the product should be in an advanced production phase and that it will presumably take the official name of "Sound Blaster Live for the Macintosh"

The card seems to be compatible with OMS and ASIO standards, it should be able to manage 32 internal midi channels through the integrated synthesizer and will amplify any sound emitted by our Mac, from system sounds to CDs or DVDs. It will be compatible with the Macintosh Sound Manager even if not fully confirmed if it will also be able to reproduce the beloved / hated "blong" that awaits us each time the Mac is turned on.

"We are focusing our efforts on creating a stable product," the sources say. "An official announcement will presumably be made next month during the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, followed by the release of the product shortly thereafter."

Finally, it seems that Apple is pushing the idea of ​​an OEM agreement with Creative Labs. to make it an official supplier of sound cards for Macintosh.

(By Enrico Querci)

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