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SmartDisk, the Apple crisis hurts us

enero 21, 2020

SmartDisk, the Apple crisis hurts us – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple's crisis also affects third parties. The budgets of many of them, in fact, will be below forecasts due to the lower than expected sales by the Cupertino company, the first to clearly say that Apple's problems have done some damage was SmartDisk. The company, one of the largest peripheral manufacturers in the world, recently purchased VST and dedicating particular attention to the FireWire sector. A choice that has tied it in a particular way to the Mac world. "As we have said in recent months – said the CEO of SmartDisk Michael Battaglia – Apple in the midst of a crisis that is making our market difficult, in particular it affects the removable and external media market. "A crisis that led to performance below the forecast for SmartDisk with losses that could be 60 or 70 cents per share. Battaglia said that the company" remains close to the Mac market "but has He also added that "the ways Personal Storage Systems (the subsidiary that was once VST) will be reviewed to improve its efficiency" In reality, some analysts doubt that VST's problems are all attributed to Apple. “The feeling that the crisis in the peripheral market is mainly related to that of PCs in general. If you sell few PCs, you also sell few accessories. The problem is not just an Apple problem ”

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