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Maxcio smart socket review, finally not a schuko

enero 21, 2020

There are now many smart outlets available on the market, many similar to each other. We have already tested some of them, with excellent results, but in this article we tell you why these Maxcio have allowed us to save some work at home.

Let's start immediately with the aesthetics. Probably not the one we liked the most from an aesthetic point of view. Very similar to the original Amazon (even if this thinner), it has an elongated shape, and not among the most minimal ever. On the market there are more compact smart sockets, although to tell the truth, what many sockets gain in length, they lose in depth.

This smart Maxcio socket is higher than many others, but at the same time thinner. It is completely white, produced almost entirely in plastic if the final parts of the poles are excluded. Even the only button on the white front, except to turn on a red circle when the socket is running.

Maxcio Smart socket review, finally not a schuko

If true that the aesthetics did not immediately impress us, just as true that, once inserted on the wall, visually not bad at all. Rather. In any case, net of personal tastes, what we needed a lot, and which will serve many of you, the 3-pole, 16A plug. Unlike many smart sockets on the market, which are all schuko type, this Maxcio has a 3-pole connection. This allowed us not to need to change the wall outlets, replacing a schuko.

Maxcio Smart socket review, finally not a schuko

The first configuration of these sockets is absolutely simple. Simply download the Smart Life app from the Google Play Store or App Store, available for free, click on the "+" button at the top right and choose the first of the sockets shown in the figure below.

Maxcio smart socket review, finally not a schuko

Maxcio Smart socket review, finally not a schuko

At this point it will be sufficient to follow the settings on the screen for pairing. Note that there are two different pairing modes: the first automatic (when the LED on the socket flashes quickly), and the second manual. The latter solution could solve connection problems due to the smartphone.

For example, we noticed that Xiaomi smartphones struggle to connect automatically to these sockets: it is necessary to connect via manual method for the correct pairing. Even in this, however, the configuration will be guided by the indications on the screen.

Maxcio Smart socket review, finally not a schuko

Once the socket is paired, everything works as expected. It is possible to turn it on and off from the app, set a timer, program the times and days of ignition and control consumption. During our tests we did not find any problems, the switching on and off of the sockets has always worked correctly.

Moreover, the commands are immediately received by the socket, which turns on and off in a second just after each tap. They work, of course, even remotely, so when the smartphone is not connected to the same WiFi network as the socket.

Maxcio Smart socket review, finally not a schuko

Not only can sockets work with the Smart Life app, but sockets can also be controlled with Alexa and Google Home. We have tried Big G's service successfully. After configuring the sockets, simply open the Google Home app and connect the Smart Life account, created by the app when first pairing the sockets.

In doing so, not only will it be possible to switch the sockets on and off via voice request, but the same result will also be obtained via the Home app. Of course, you can also turn the socket on and off manually using the appropriate central button.

Maxcio Smart socket review, finally not a schuko

Needless to say, there are countless uses at home. Not only is it possible, for example, to choose to switch a lamp on and off at certain times, thus always simulating a constant presence inside the house, but also to power the coffee machine or other appliances in the kitchen, being able to switch them on with a simple voice command.

Again, considering that Christmas is almost here, you think you can turn the lights on and off at certain times, all automatically, without having to insert the plug manually.


The smart Maxcio sockets have their price, first of all: the pack of two costs just € 28.99. Furthermore, the fact of not being a schuko, and of presenting the 3-pole 16A plug could be an advantage, for those who do not have schuko sockets at home, but do not want to give up the convenience of a smart socket.

Not only the non-schuko wall attachment, but the smart socket it will be possible to connect non-schuko plugs, therefore the classic 3-pole. Beyond the excellent functioning, shared with many other smart outlets on the market, the type of attack that represents a true element of diversity, which can convince users to purchase.


  • They work perfectly
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT
  • Italian 3-pole socket


Maxcio smart sockets can be purchased on Amazon starting from around 13 euros by clicking on this direct linkand applying the discount code 59OLKIZJ valid until 30/01/2020

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