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IPhone 11 is 69% of all iPhones sold in the USA at the end of 2019

enero 21, 2020

The comments on social networks at the presentation, pre-orders and delivery times, including manufacturers' advances and market research: everything indicated that the reception of users and market demand was high for the latest generation Apple smartphones, now it is confirmed by market data on iPhones sold in the USA at the end of 2019.

The iPhone 11 dominates absolutely because every 10 iPhones sold as many as 7 are the latest generation of Cupertino terminals. The actual percentage is only slightly lower, in fact, iPhone 11 are 69% of all iPhones sold in the USA in the last three months of last year. Still as expected, and in a similar way to what happened in 2018, the most requested model iPhone 11 which alone accounts for 39% of all sales of Apple smartphones.

IPhone 11 is 69% of all iPhones sold in the USA at the end of 2019

The $ 50 drop in the iPhone 11 price compared to the 2018 iPhone XR entry price is reflected in a slight drop in the average selling price for Cupertino, which went from $ 839 in 2018 to $ 809 recorded last year. The second best-selling Apple terminal iPhone XR that the multinational still offers at a lower price list, in the US at 599 dollars, in Italy starting from 609 euros on the Apple Store online.

Declining user demand for more expensive models with more storage space. While over two-thirds of those who bought the iPhone 11 Pro have chosen the 256GB or 512GB models, the vast majority of buyers of the iPhone 11 and previous models have preferred the basic 64GB equipment. CIRP data and percentages on iPhones sold in the USA in the last quarter of 2019 arrive from CIRP.IPhones 2020 with a bigger battery?

Instead, to find out how iPhone sales went out of the US and in the rest of the world, we have to wait for the Apple financial results that will be announced on Tuesday 28 January. Even if the Cupertino multinational no longer declares the exact sales numbers of its products, analysts and observers can draw up estimates starting from the quarterly turnover.

Everything you need to know about the current iPhone 11 in this article. In addition to the four new iPhone 12 5G top of the range in the autumn, for this year the release of a new iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 cheaper by spring is expected.

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